Essay on cricket mania in india

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Essay on the Craze of Cricket in India

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Hence there is a great need to reform the administration, infrastructure, training and facilities given to players of other sports than cricket so that they can shine more brightly with their stunning performances.

Cricket is one kind of outdoor game. It is played between two teams. It is played with a ball, a bat and wickets. Related Articles: Essay on A Cricket Match.

Cricket Mania. Cricket has always been the favorite sport in India. The fan following is increasing and many are swearing allegiance to their favorite team.

The IPL series is an innovation in this game and it is nice to watch the support of people who are no more biased about geography or religion. This was a landmark book in India because it is a female author writing about cricket for the first time.

What the book signified, was that with the addition of glitz and glamour to an otherwise drab sport by the advent of Premier League cricket, women were becoming more. Included: cricket essay content.

Preview text: Cricket is one of the most popular games in India. The young and old alike are affected by this game. It is not a native game of India. The British who ruled our country introduced this game and now it has struck deep roots in our country.

This game. (India again won Cricket World Cup in and are the current champions). This was the one of the strongest factors responsible for making cricket so popular.

Cricket Vs Other Games in India

The game of cricket, its popularity and the glam associated with it never looked back again.

Essay on cricket mania in india
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