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Please select your level of familiarity with this program. As part of the initiative we are holding five essay contests, based on the five Open Future themes (Borders, Ideas, Markets, Society and Progress). Each contest is open to people between 16 and There are four basic types of contests you can run on Facebook: sweepstakes, essay, photo and video.

The type of contest you run matters because each one appeals to a different audience. Video, photo and essay contests will give you lots of content for your page, but they also require more effort to enter. Let's face it, you're looking for a way to get the college admission's officer to sit up and take notice of your application.

When you apply to college there are five pieces to the puzzle: your GPA, SAT scores, college essay, references and extracurricular activities. "Benjamin Hardy is one of the leading voices on well-being and productivity.

Willpower Doesn't Work is an insightful guide to help us thrive in today's world."―Arianna Huffington. Call for Neuroethics Essays. The International Neuroethics Society (INS) is pleased to announce a call for submissions for the Student/Postdoc Essay Contest in Neuroethics!

Facebook essay contest
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