Gates vs jobs

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Steve Jobs and Bill Gates: Inside the rivalry

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Gates Vs Jobs

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Gates Vs. Jobs

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Gates vs Jobs

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Apple's become this ever successful company. Gates VS Jobs. Ladies and gentlemen, the fight of the century, Microsoft versus Apple, PC versus Mac, 'Bill Gates vs Steve Jobs'! Get ready for the sci-fi rumble!!! Tags: fighting imbecile funny. Top Rated Games. Game of the Second: World Cup Corporate Salmon.

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Steve Jobs actually felt that Bill Gates should be giving up the current and really push the world towards the future of a mouse-based, click-and-point type of computer machinery, and that Bill.

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Gates vs Jobs

The final battle, Windows against Mac! Choose your favorite operating system and fight the other one! You are in control of the destinies of Bill Gates or Steve Jobs as they square off in the clean-white virtual world of the iconic Mac ads.

If you Browse "Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates. Epic Rap Battles of History Season 2. Epic Rap Battles of History Season 2.

November " you can download this video and also You can see a list of Videos Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates. Steve Jobs was an abusive, violent, manipulative jerk (may he rest in peace, lol) though both he and Gates stole their ideas initially, Gates respected his employees and had a greater impact on the market in the sense that he revolutionize the direction, the operational capabilities and.

Gates vs jobs
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