Inventions of steve jobs

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How Steve Jobs Changed The World

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Timeline of Steve Jobs

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The Many Inventions Of Steve Jobs

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Steve Jobs' 10 Most Innovative Creations

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Those interests remain a solid of deep concern to me, both because of my life association with Apple and the substantial investment I retain in it. Steve Jobs is the subject of a number of books and films.

Lisa Brennan-Jobs, He has 43 issued US patents on inventions. The patent on the Mac OS X Dock user interface with "magnification" feature was issued the day before he died.

Although Jobs. The iPad. The iPhone.

The life and work of Steve Jobs

The Macintosh. Here are 14 ways in which he changed the way we share information and forced an industry to step up their game.

As an innovator and visionary, Steve Jobs' accomplishments can be held on a pedestal with the likes of Microsoft’s Bill Gates, Google’s Larry Page and Sergey Brin and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg. “One of the greatest inventors of the last century” On October 5, Steve Jobs died, and with this epitaph the worldwide media said goodbye.

Three years after his death, we look back on the inventor side of his legacy, as contentious and controversial as the rest of his personality. His. Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs was a visionary, a technologist, husband, father and an inventor. Jobs is listed on patent applications, either as an inventor or a co-inventor ranging from computer software to.

Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs was a visionary, a technologist, husband, father and an inventor.

Steve Jobs: 'Death is very likely the single best invention of life'

Jobs is listed on patent applications, either as an inventor or a co-inventor ranging from computer software to .

Inventions of steve jobs
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